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On this site we are making a digital record of Okinawa's history
and cultural properties.
The assembled information is being made available electronically
as a database and as reference material.

• Looking at Okinawa’s History through Images and Photographs
• The Century of Emigration

Siglo de la Emigración


The outline of Ryukyu culture
The outline of Ryukyu culture (in such cases as the history, the nature, the fine arts, industrial arts, the performance arts and the folklore) is introduced.

History of OKINAWA
A history and culture of Okinawa, small islands, is introduced from pre-historic age through today.

Okinawan Fine Arts after World War II
Reviews the Okinawan art from after the World War II through today.
Also introduces Okinawan artists and their works.

Okinawan Music
It is a Okinawan Music journey of a thousand years of musical freedom.

Ryukyuan Dance
Brilliant reds and yellows that dazzle and delight the eye.
Ryukyuan dance overflows with love for humanity, it is the flower of Okinawa.

Ryukyu lacquer ware
The history of Ryukyu lacquer ware, a technique and a manufacture process introduce the charm of the lacquer art itself and so on with a typical work and so on.

Looking at Okinawa’s History through Images and Photographs
A simple explanation of 50 years of postwar Okinawa, from U.S. rule and reversion to the present, through images and photographs.

The Century of Emigration
Okinawa, the homeland of thousands of emigrants. The 100-year history of the first Okinawan emigrants arriving in Hawaii.

Siglo de la Emigración
Desde Okinawa partieron muchísimos emigrantes. Los cien años de historia desde que el primer emigrante arribó a Hawai.

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