Brilliant reds and yellows that dazzle and delight the eye. The languorous and plaintive melodies of stringed instruments. Full-throated voices singing of love in the words of the island dialects. Dancers robed in rich natural colors dancing subtle movements and gestures that hint of ardent feelings. Or robust dancers in simple everyday clothing joyously expressing their love of work and delight in living with vigorously free movements. Stillness and movement, restraint and vigor, tension and release, the sacred and the mundane...the island dances embrace a stage full of contrasts. Since ancient times, the islands have freely absorbed waves of influences from across the seas to create and enrich their strikingly distinctive dance forms. This is Ryukyuan dance. And just because this dance overflows with love for humanity, it is the flower of Okinawa.

Explanation of Ryukyuan dance
Historical Background
Colorful Supporting Players
Song, Sanshin and Ryukyuan Dance
Appreciating Ryukyuan Dance

Komine,Naganori [Okinawan Poetry] 1995 / Okinawa Prefecture [RYUKYUAN DANCE] 1995