Modern Okinawa / The Disposition of the Ryukyus 2/6

Landfall of American and European Ships
on the Ryukyus

1797 British survey ship HMS Providence (Captain William Robert Broughton), Shipwrecked off the coast of the Miyako- Tarama Islands. In the same year the ship headed into Naha Harbor. "A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Ocean" by William Robert Broughton, 1804
1803 British ship HMS Frederick made landfall at Naha Harbor.
1816 British ships Lyra and Alceste arrive in the Ryukyus and stay 42 days. "Account of a Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the Great Loo-choo Island" London, 1818
1827 British ship HMS Blossom (Captain Frederick Beechey) arrived in the Ryukyus. "Narrative of a Voyage to the Pacific and Beering's Strait" Published 1831
1832 British ship HMS Rodomasuto drifts ashore in the Ryukyus.
1843 British Navy Vessel HMS Samarang makes a land survey of Miyako and Yaeyama Islands. "Narrative Voyage of the HMS Samarang, Published in 1848
1844 French Navy ship Alcmene sails into Naha Harbor seeking friendly relations and trade. Entrusting that a reply to request for trade will be issued to the following ship to call in the Ryukyus, the ship sails on to China leaving behind the missionary Theodore Augustine Focade.
1846 British ship HMS Starling made landfall at Naha Harbor. The English missionary Barnard Bettelheim arrives in the Ryukyus for an 8-year stay. French ship Sabine lands in Naha with Pierre-Julien Le Turdu, successor to Focade. Later the French ships Cleopatoru and Victorious arrive at Unten Harbor seeking reply to the request made in 1844 for friendship and trade relations. They were refused by the Ryukyuans. Visit to Naha of three British fleet vessels. Consent was granted for the start of trade between the Satsuma Han and France.
1847 Ships from western nations visit the Kume-jima, Miyako, Yaeyama and Yonaguni Islands.
1849 British ships arrive requesting commercial relations. . Ships from foreign counties arrive in the Kume-jima and Miyako Islands.
1850 British ship HMS Renard arrives. .
1851 John Manjiro, one of the first Japanese travelers to America arrives. Foreign vessels visit shore in the Ryukyus.
1852 American ship USS Robert Bonn is cast ashore with Chinese laborers.
1853 United States Commodore M.C. Perry arrives in Naha on the Susquehanna and three other ships. Requests are made for free trade with the Ryukyus.
1854 "Treaty of Peace and Amity between the Kingdom of the Ryukyus and the United States." concluded. Russian Admiral Putyatin arrives in the Ryukyus aboard the ship Fregat Pallada. "A Journal of the Perry Expedition to Japan." Published in 1856

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